About Us

The Cambridge dictionary defines a "Good Cause" as "a socially useful organization or activity that is not managed for profit".

Yes... Very accurate, but a bit bland, don’t you think?

Here at My Fundraiser, we were certain we could come up with a more flavorsome definition...

So, after a rummage through the pantry we came up with this:

A 'My Fundraiser Good Cause' is an outstanding bunch of humans, doing outstanding things, that benefit other outstanding humans, in outstanding ways.

BOOM... nailed it.

These "Good Causes" have a positive impact on all of our lives in some way. Just think... Sports Clubs, Ambulance, Church, Schools, Pet Shelters. The list is endless, and they ALL need our support.

The seed that sprouted the My Fundraiser concept was a question that came after a long Saturday behind the BBQ running a sausage sizzle...

How can we better support our Good Causes without overcommitting time or money?

The answer came one winters morning...

One of our kids (who shall remain nameless because the last thing a teenager wants is to be named on a site that deals in paper used for wiping your bum..) had an overseas sports trip coming up and needed to raise some funds. The problem was, they had no capital, little time, no plan, and just a few busy parents to call upon for help.

With parents who owned a toilet paper supply company the answer soon became obvious, so ‘Nameless Teenager’ grabbed a carton of toilet paper and off he went around the neighbourhood selling rolls of loo paper for $1 each.

Long story short, within the hour he had raised the funds he needed.

The concept was born.

Three years on and we have developed this concept into 'My Fundraiser' as you see it today - an online platform where you can purchase every day essential that you already buy, for the same price that you already pay, BUT delivered right to your front door. The difference is, 10% of your total payment is donated to your chosen Good Cause on your behalf.

Now this could be anyone - your daughter's ballet class, your church or even Greenpeace - it's completely up to you! And, if they're not on the list, hit the Recommend Good Cause button and we will send them some info!

Our mission here at 'My Fundraiser' is to help outstanding humans like yourself raise a combined total of $1 million per year, donated on your behalf to outstanding humans, that are doing outstanding things, that benefit other outstanding humans, in outstanding ways! (AKA Good Causes)

We would love for you to join us on our pursuit. So, save yourself some time, effort and cash, and support your chosen Good Cause today!

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Many thanks and much love
The My Fundraiser team xx